How Do I Transfer Car Ownership In Saudi Arabia?

How do I transfer car ownership in Riyadh?

You need to have the following documents before planning on transferring ownership.Car Fahas (MVPI) pass report.Istimara (ownership card of the seller).Valid Saudi Iqama of buyer and seller.Valid Saudi driving license of the buyer.Insurance by the buyer..

How do I check my Istimara expiry without Absher?

Check Iqama Expiry Date without Absher using MOLVisit MOL website language to ‘English or Arabic’ from page top, Enter your ‘Iqama number’ and ‘Date of Birth’.Choose the Date of Birth entry preference from Calendar by selecting ‘Hijri’ or ‘Gregorian’.More items…•

What is fahas in Saudi Arabia?

To drive a vehicle in Saudi Arabia one needs to have a valid “Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection (MVPI)” certificate, commonly known as Fahas. Fahas is only valid for 1 year and needs to be renewed every year.

How can I change my car ownership online in Kerala?

INSTRUCTIONSSelect the Office Name for which the application is to be filed.Enter the Vehicle Number in the given boxes correctly.Enter the Last 5 digits of Chassis No.Click on the ‘GO’ Button.Your Vehicle details will be displayed.Click Next Button.More items…

How much is a speeding fine in Saudi Arabia?

2. 300 to 500 SR : For exceeding the speed limit more than 20 km/h to 30 km/h, Here Minimum is 300 SR and Maximum is 500 SR. 3. 800 to 1000 SR : For exceeding the speed limit by 30 km/h to 40 km/h, Minimum fine is 800 SR and Maximum is 1000 SR.

How many vehicles can I own in Saudi Arabia?

How many cars can Saudi expat buy? According to the rules and regulations of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an expat can buy a total of 2 cars or vehicles of any choice on his name. However, any dependent person cannot buy a vehicle on his name.

How can I get car authorization letter in Saudi Arabia?

First of all, you along with your friend will have to go to the Traffic Police station and sign a car authorization letter in front of the Traffic Police officer to authorize someone to drive a vehicle in Saudi Arabia. You will have to produce your original Iqama there to validate your identity.

How can I renew my driving Licence in Riyadh?

Steps to complete the serviceLog in to Abshar portal.Select e-services.Select(traffic police).Select (Vehicle Services).Vehicle Selection.Click on (Renew Vehicle Form).Confirm Renewal Process.

How can I get new number plate in Saudi Arabia?

Procedure at Police Station for the replacement of Vehicle Registration PlateIqama and copy of your Iqama.Istamara (vehicle registration) and copy of Istamara.Driving License and copy of driving license.Rental Contract of your house or any other proof of Residence.More items…

How can I change my number plate in Saudi Arabia?

The fee to change the Saudi Number Plate You will have to pay the fee to change a KSA number plate in Saudi Arabia i.e. SR 100. You can pay it through SADAD or take help of some agents who sit near the office of the traffic police station.

How do I authorize my car with Absher?

The vehicle must be insured. The vehicle must have an active periodic inspection on the vehicle….Steps to complete the serviceLog in at the Ministry of Interior portal (Absher).Enter the identity of the person to be authorized.The second party accepts the authorization.

How can I check ownership of a vehicle in Saudi Arabia?

Steps to complete the serviceLog in to the portal of the Ministry of the Interior (Absher).Select the required vehicle to enquire about.Select (inquiry about the actual user).

How do I find my car sequence number KSA?

Sequence number of a vehicle can be found in Absher under Vehicles section and it can also be found on your Istimara card. You can also get it through SMS.

Which car is best in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia best selling car in 2019 was the Hyundai Accent, surging to 80% and reaching 7.7% of share, while the Toyota Camry and the former leader, Toyota Hilux, ended respectively in 3th and 4th place. The Nissan Sunny boomed, landing at 3.6%.

How can I check my registration is valid in Saudi Arabia?

So to check the expiry date of vehicle registration in KSA,Login to Absher account through app or web portal.After successful login, click on Dashboard.In Vehicles Section, Click on More Details.The next window will show you the expiry date of istimara.

How can I buy a car in Saudi Arabia?

Documents needed to buy a car in Saudi ArabiaThe sale contract.A receipt for the deposited money.The seller’s original Istimarah card and Fahs.The initial letter of permission from the al Morot.Copies of the buyer’s Iqama (and their family’s where applicable)Copy of driver’s licence.Proof of insurance.More items…

How can I transfer car ownership in Saudi Arabia online?

Saudi Arabia has allowed people to still transfer the ownership via Absher platform….Vehicle Ownership electronic transfer without an inspection…Login to, choose individual if you are the owner.Select Vehicle Services.Follow the wizard under Vehicle Sales.