Question: Can I Change My PSK Location?

Can I reissue my passport from anywhere in India?

Applicants can now apply for passport from anywhere in India, said a press release issued by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)..

Is transfer certificate required for passport?

Proof Of Date Of Birth (ii) Transfer/School leaving/Matriculation Certificate issued by the school last attended/recognized educational board containing the DOB of the applicant. (iii) PAN Card issued by the Income Tax Department with the DOB of the applicant.

Can I get passport without school leaving certificate?

School Leaving Certificate or Old Passport. If Birth date is above 26.01. 1989 then Birth Certificate is Compulsory. … 1989 then School leaving Certificate is Compulsory.

Which is better RPO or PSK?

What are PSK and POPSK? Passport Office (PO) has a number of Passport Seva Kendras working under it, similarly, Regional Passport Office (RPO) has a number of Post Office PSK (POPSK) working under it. PSK is Passport Seva Kendra which is located only in the Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities.

Which address is printed on passport?

Only one address gets printed in the passport. You should indicate your preference by check-marking ( ) on the address which should be printed in your new passport. However, for making any change in the Indian address, a documentary proof would be required.

Can I change my RPO location?

You cannot change the RPO, it is decided based on the present address entered by you, in general every state has one RPO, where as there can be multiple PSK’s under each RPO. PSK (passport seva kendra) is the place where you have visit with all you document for verification and biometric etc.

Is appointment required for reissue of passport?

If an individual wants to apply for the reissue of the passport through online mode, one can follow the steps mentioned below: … Thereafter click ‘Next’ and schedule an appointment with the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) For doing so, click on ‘View saved / submitted applications’

How do I cancel my passport and get a new one?

You can cancel the previous passport, however need provide reasonable evidence as to why you wish cancel the existing passport and asking for fresh one.Pay the applicable fee on line .Visit the nearest passport seva kendra and completed the process of for applying fresh passport.

Can we choose any PSK?

1. Applicants can now choose any Regional Passport Office (RPO) of their choice and send in their applications to the desired Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)/ Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK) under that RPO. This is irrespective of an individual’s permanent residential address.

Is PAN card compulsory for passport?

Birth certificate no longer mandatory for passport; PAN card, Aadhaar, driving license will suffice. New Delhi: In order to streamline, liberalise and ease the process of issue of passport, the government has said that the birth certificate is no longer required to get a passport.

Is your permanent address same as present address passport?

In case an applicant’s permanent and present address are different, will he/she have to endorse his/her permanent address instead of the present address in the passport? Applicant will only have to endorse his/her present address on the passport and not the permanent address.

How do I select Passport Seva Kendra?

Fill in the required details in the form and submit. After submitting the form for fresh or reissue of Passport, click the “Pay and Schedule Appointment” link to schedule an appointment at Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). Search for Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) location and select your PSK.

Can I change my Passport Seva Kendra after payment?

Visit the official Passport Seva website and log in using your credentials. Click on the ‘View Saved/Submitted Applications’ tab and choose the ‘Schedule Appointment’ option. Choose the applicable option from the two provided- ‘Reschedule Appointment’ if you wish to change the date/time or ‘Cancel Appointment’.

What is the difference between PSK and RPO?

As per the new scheme, an applicant will be able to choose the Regional Passport Office (RPO) and the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK) for submitting the application. This is irrespective of the applicant’s permanent residential address.

Is police verification letter required for passport renewal or re issue?

“For reissue of passports, police verification is not required, provided the first passport had been issued on the basis of clear police report,” Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh told Lok Sabha in a written reply.

What if I am not available for police verification for passport?

If the absence was temporary and you truly reside at the given address, a request for re-verification can be raised by writing a letter to the Regional Passport Officer (RPO) along with the file number. Also, the RPO has to obtain a proper police report after the re-verification so that the passport is issued.

Can passport be made from any city?

1. Register through the Passport Seva Online Portal or the mPassport Seva App. … If you enter any city other than the one mentioned in your permanent address, your passport will be verified and issued from that address. A reconfirmation box will pop up to verify from where you want your passport to be issued.

Can I apply for passport without Marksheet?

If you have the birth certificate and not the 10th. Certificate you can be issued a birth certificate but you will not be entirely to non ECR status. Yes you can apply for the issuance of a passport to you but if you were born on or after 26.1. 1989 it is mandatory or.