Question: Does Amazon Prime Deliver To My Address?

Can Amazon deliver to my mailbox?

If your Amazon package is delivered by the post office, it can be delivered to your mailbox, but only if the post office delivers it.

No one else can put boxes in your mailbox.

They have to have postage paid on them to use the box.

It is mailbox-receivable; please note size of this item..

Does Amazon Prime deliver to your door?

For select items, you can choose a delivery at checkout that works best for you. If you choose Front Porch delivery, the carrier will deliver your order to the first dry, safe area immediately outside your front door. You aren’t required to be present for delivery.

Does UPS deliver to rural addresses?

UPS can deliver to “Rural Route Box” (RR, RD, HC) addresses as these identify the actual receiver’s location (their physical address). Note: Many of these addresses have been updated with street number and name addresses. … A: Packages shipped with UPS are trackable from pickup through delivery.

Does Amazon send anything to billing address?

They won’t send anything to your billing address. Your billing address on amazon is the address that your debit/credit card/bank account is registered at. The bill generated by Amazon which you will receive via mail have this address. This can be saved for future uses or claiming warranty.

How do I know if Amazon delivers to my address?

To check eligibility for guaranteed delivery at the delivery address or pickup store, choose a delivery address if you are signed in or enter your pin code in the Delivery to widget on the product details page. … Once the address is selected or pin code is entered, click the Update button.More items…

Can you order something online and send it to a different address?

Depends on the platform. Many online platforms like eBay, Alibaba and Aliexpress offer the possibility to distinct between a shipping- and a billing address. They even offer the option to add alternative shipping addresses. So just add another shipping address and select the one you want to use at checkout.

Can you send packages through your mailbox?

If your package is less than one-half inch thick and weighs less than 10 oz, you may use postage stamps and do one of the following: Put it in your mailbox for carrier pickup. Drop it in a blue collection box or Post Office lobby mail slot. Request a free pickup.

Does Amazon deliver to villages?

Amazon delivers in small town and villages unless there are restrictions from their courier partners. However, if you wish to check if a certain product is deliverable to your area, you can do so by entering your pincode in the PinCode box on the product detail page of the particular product.

What do I do if my Amazon package says delivered but no package?

Go to Your Orders. Locate your order in the list and click Problem with order. Select “Package didn’t arrive” from the list. Select Request refund.

What happens if my shipping address is different than my billing address?

Actually, having different Billing and Shipping addresses should not delay your order. Rather, your order may be delayed if you enter an incorrect Billing address. Your Billing address is the address your credit card statement is mailed to.

How do I send an Amazon gift without an address?

Yes you can ! … If the order is being sent to an address you haven’t used before, for security reasons we’ll ask you to re-confirm the payment card we have on file for you. … You can then choose the address you’d like the gift to be delivered to before having the option of adding a personalised gift message.More items…

Do small packages come in the mailbox?

Yes, USPS will deliver a package if you have a mail receptacle and ordinarily get mail at your address. If the package does not fit into your mailbox, the mail carrier may leave a notice asking you to pick up the package at the PO.

Does Amazon deliver to Mexico from us?

Amazon said Tuesday that unlimited one-day shipping via Amazon’s Mexico operations is available for certain items shipped to Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puebla and Querétaro, and unlimited two-day shipping is available in much of the rest of the country.

What happens if Amazon delivers to the wrong address?

You can report “delivered to the wrong address” in the Track Package link but there is no way to ask for a refund there. … You probably need to wait until 3 days after the delivery or 3 days after the last day of the delivery window.

Does billing address matter online order?

Billing addresses must match what the card issuing bank has on file, or the attempted purchase may not go through. … The billing address is different than the shipping address, which is the address where packages get delivered to. Billing and shipping addresses may be the same but are sometimes different.

Why does Amazon not deliver to my address?

This could be due to one of the following reasons: None of our courier partners deliver to your area. The category of the item you ordered is not delivered by our courier partners delivering to your area. Your order value exceeds the value limitations of our courier services delivering to your area.

Can Amazon Prime deliver to another address?

With our multi-address delivery feature, you can fill up your Shopping Basket with items for everyone and visit the checkout only once–even if you’re sending parcels to more than one address. From the Select a delivery address page click the Deliver to multiple addresses link. …

Does Amazon deliver to rural addresses?

As long as USPS is around, Amazon won’t deliver to rural areas unless it’s profitable. Hottovy said Amazon wouldn’t likely deliver to rural areas until drone delivery, which may make rural deliveries cheaper, is a reality.

What can you do if you order something online and it never comes?

What to Do If Your Online Order Never ArrivesContact customer service.Tell your credit card issuer.Go public.Determine if it was a scam.Matt Brownell is a staff reporter for MainStreet. You can reach him by email at, or follow him on Twitter @Brownellorama.