Quick Answer: Can Enrolled Nurses Certify Documents?

Who can certify copies of passports?

Who can certify my documents?An accountant (member of a recognised professional accounting body or a Registered Tax Agent).A person listed on the roll of the Supreme Court of a State or Territory or the High Court of Australia as a legal practitioner.A barrister, solicitor or patent attorney.A police officer.A postal manager.More items….

How do you certify a photo?

For the photo to be classed as certified, the person certifying your photo must write the following on the reverse side of the photo:“This is a true likeness of”; and your full name.Their name.Their occupation.Their signature.The date.

Who can certify documents in Victoria?

You can have documents certified by people who are legally allowed to take statutory declarations, including the following professions:principal of a registered school.lawyer.medical practitioner.dentist.pharmacist.veterinarian.accountant.minister of religion authorised to celebrate marriages.More items…

Can a family member certify documents?

It is not advisable for you to witness or certify a document for a member of your family. This is because of the potential for an actual or perceived conflict of interest (see Section 4.3.

Can a family member witness signature?

There is no general rule that says a family member or spouse can’t witness a person’s signature on a legal document, as long as you are not a party to the agreement or will benefit from it in some way. … Therefore, where possible, it is better for an independent, neutral third party to be the witness.

Can an Authorised witness be a family member?

If the family member falls within a class of persons authorised to witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration, the family member can witness your statutory declaration. 11.

Who can certify documents for Ahpra?

In Australia, the following people are authorised to certify documents: • Registered health professions: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioner, Chinese medicine practitioner, chiropractor, dental practitioner, medical practitioner, medical radiation practitioner, nurse, midwife, occupational …

How do I submit documents to Ahpra?

Please mail your supporting documents with your hard copy application form to the Ahpra Registration team for your profession at GPO Box 9958 in your capital city. Our full mailing addresses are available on the Contact us page.

Can a teacher certify documents?

Person before whom a statutory declaration may be made under the law of the State or Territory in which the declaration is made. Police Officer, Sheriff or Sheriff’s officer. Teacher employed on a full-time or part-time basis at a school or tertiary education institution.

How do you certify a document?

The person certifying should:print their name in block capitals;write or stamp the name of the company they work for;state their occupation and role within the company;sign their declaration;provide contact telephone number, or.date that the certification took place.

Can you certify documents at a post office?

1. check with the organisation that needs your ID to see if the Post Office staff are eligible to certify your documents. … If they can, Post office staff will take a photocopy of the original document and sign the document to certify that it’s a true copy of the original.

Are pharmacists JPS?

Pharmacists generally are authorised to certify that documents are true copies of originals. … It is important that you do not sign the document before taking it to the pharmacy as the pharmacist must physically witness you signing the document in their presence.

Can enrolled nurse certify documents?

You must follow the process on this page to certify a copy. … The new process allows more people to certify a copy. This includes nurses, full-time teachers, some Australian Post staff and more public servants.

What do I write on a certified copy?

Certify copiesMake a copy of the original document.Take the original document and your copy to the certifier.They will check your copy is the same as the original.On a single-page document, the certifier must write or stamp, ‘This is a certified true copy of the original as sighted by me’More items…•

How do I get Ahpra?

from AhpraCreate your account using the online services portal and complete your application.Upload your documents and pay the required fees. … Wait for your education provider to provide your graduate results to Ahpra.