Quick Answer: Can I Pay Telkom At Shoprite?

How do I pay my Telkom account online?

[How To] Pay Your Telkom Bill OnlineLogin To Your ”My Telkom” Profile on Telkom’s Website.

Click here to access the website self-service portal 👉 https://tlkm.link/Selfservice.Select The ”Pay Bill” Button on The Dashboard.Select Your Preferred Method Of Payment..

How does Telkom billing work?

Telkom customers can now buy apps from the Google Play Store directly from their smartphone or tablet and charge the cost directly to their bill if they’re a contract customer or to their available airtime if they’re on prepaid.

How do I get my Telkom bill?

Your account can be linked to an e-mail address of your choice when you register at http://www.telkom.co.za/emailmemybill/. You can also view your bill online by registering at http://www.telkom.co.za/sites/athome/helpandsupport/aboutmybill/.

Can I view my Telkom account online?

Navigate accounts at the bottom of your mobile screen. Here you can easily: View your Home, Business & Personal accounts. Manage accounts.

Can I pay my Telkom account in store?

Pay via your bank – pay using your banking app, ATM or in-branch payment. Select Telkom from the beneficiary list given by your specific bank. … Pay at select Retail outlets – pay your outstanding Telkom bill at one of the following retail outlets.

Can you pay Telkom at Pick n Pay?

To activate payment by debit order, customers should call 10210 and have their bank details ready. … Other payment channels include Pick ‘n Pay stores, Shoprite stores, the South African Post Office and the Internet.