Quick Answer: Can You Buy Movie Tickets With Your Edgars Card?

How do I cancel my Edgars Club Card?

You need to cancel all of those additional value-added services before you will be able to close your account.

To do this, Jet customers can call 0860 113 639.

Edgars customers will however need to call any (or all) of the relevant numbers: Edgars Club – 086 100 0140..

How do you get discounts on movies?

How to Get Cheap Movie Tickets: 8 Ways to Save at the CinemaClick the banner below for local movie deals on our site. … Purchase a dinner-and-a-movie package. … Go to the matinee. … Check for a senior discount. … Check for a student discount. … Browse discount movie ticket apps like DealFlicks. … Find a free screening.

Can I withdraw cash from my game card?

Withdraw cash straight from your account hassle-free. Available at any GAME tillpoint or Money Centre. … Ask the cashier to add a cash Rand amount to your purchase, by saying for example “Can I have R100 cash back?”

Where can I buy with my Thank U card?

Your thank U card lets you earn points at over 1000 stores from Edgars, Edgars Beauty, Edgars Home to CNA and Jet. You’ll earn points every time you use your thank U card on items from the latest fashion brands, cosmetics, stationery, fabulous kidswear to home décor!

Can you withdraw money from your Edgars account?

Customers are able to deposit, send and withdraw cash instantly using mobile phones nationwide from the beginning of October 2016. MoovaMoney is available through Edcon’s chain stores Edgars, Edgars Connect, Jet/Jet Mart and CNA. To register on the platform, customers can simply dial *120*334# from their mobile phones.

How much is Ster Kinekor tickets?

Movie ticket prices in South Africa: Ster-Kinekor vs Nu MetroTier/Location2D/3DPrice“Classic”2D / 3DR85 / R107CapeGate, Blue Route, Bayside2D / 3DR85 / R107Centurion, Ilanga, Musgrave, Northgate, Northmead2D / 3DR77 / R92“Junction”2D / 3DR77 / R9210 more rows•Jan 8, 2019

Can I use my Edgars card at Ackermans?

Ackermans, Bata Shoe Stores, Boardmans, Builders, Cape Union Mart, Old Khaki, Poetry, Chamberlain Stores, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Checkers Liquor, Clicks, CNA Stores, Contempo, Dion Wired, Dis-Chem, Edgars, Red Square, Game, Game Liquor, Hyperama House & Home, Hungry Lion, Jet, Makro, MediRite, OK Furniture, PEP …

Can I use Mr Price Card at miladys?

Can I use my MRP Money store card to shop at Miladys and Sheet Street? You can only shop with your MRP Money store card at MRP, MRP Home or MRP Sport (in-store and online). For a Miladys store card, apply online or visit any Miladys store.

Can I still use my Edgars card at Jet?

“These Edgars and Jet Thank U account cardholders will continue to be able to use their cards for purchases and will be required to manage their account in the same manner as any other credit product, ensuring they pay their monthly installment to maintain a healthy profile at the credit bureau.

How much is Edgars Club fee?

JustGym is an affordable option for you to get fit and have fun. Edgars Club members pay NO joining fee or tag fee when signing up for JustGym. And we’ve brought you a great saving on monthly membership fees: Get the first 6 months from only R199p/m.

Where can you use your Edgars card?

Your account gives you access to a range of over 200 travel, lifestyle, education and health partners and you can pay using your Edgars account card. Shop across a wide range of stores from Edgars, Edgars Beauty, Edgars Home, CNA and Jet.

How do I get a Edgars Club Card?

How to join Edgars Club. If you don’t have an Edgars Club Card yet, get one at an Edgars store today or SMS ‘JOIN’ to 40263 or call 0800 20 39 25 to join.

How does Ster Kinekor club card work?

You can join the Movie Club at your nearest Ster-Kinekor cinema – for free. For every movie you see, you earn 100 points, and as soon as you have accumulated 1 000 points you qualify for a free movie ticket. On Tuesdays’ movie, SK club members pay half price for their movies.

Can I use my Edgars card at Legit?

Great news, you can now use your Edgars account card at all Legit and Beaver Canoe stores, as well as all Edgars stores. Please note however you cannot pay your account at Legit or Beaver Canoe.

Can I use my game card at Shoprite?

Can I use my game card at Shoprite? These cards are accepted nationwide at any Checkers, Shoprite or Usave store, as well as at selected OK Furniture stores.