Quick Answer: Do You Get A Refund If You Cancel AAA Membership?

Does AAA have a cancellation fee?

AAA doesn’t advertise a cancellation fee for car insurance, though some users have reported being charged a cancellation fee, depending on the region.

The 10% fee is calculated on a prorated basis.

You’ll be charged 10% of what you would owe for the remainder of your policy..

Can you cancel AAA membership at any time?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Call the AAA Member Service Center at 1-866-968-7222.

What does AAA basic cover?

AAA Basic membership provides peace of mind when traveling in your car –or someone else’s–with world class 24/7 roadside assistance. Basic members enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts on travel, entertainment, and so much more with our Discounts and Rewards® program, too.

How do I cancel my AAA membership in Texas?

You may cancel your membership at any time by contacting us at 1 . 800 . 765 . 0766 or visiting your local branch .

How do I cancel my AAA membership?

Your AAA membership can be canceled separately by going to AAA.com and clicking “Cancel” on the My Account dashboard or by calling AAA at 1 (800) 836-2582.

Can I cancel my AAA Insurance Online?

How to Cancel AAA Insurance Policies. Cancel by phone by calling 1-877-387-8378. Cancel in person by taking your name, policy number, and the date you want your policy to end to your local AAA agent. You cannot cancel a AAA policy online.

How much is Triple A per month?

AAA membership costs and benefitsMembership tierCommon benefitsAAA Plus membership: Cost per year: $60 – $124 Each additional member: $34 – $80Classic benefits, plus: Four tows up to 100 miles each Free fuel delivery Higher lockout limit of $1003 more rows

How much is it to renew my AAA membership?

The cost of AAA for the basic plan is $52, plus a one-time $10 membership fee (the fee is waived if you opt for automatic renewal). My sister is an associate member on the account, and addition members are an extra $28.

Is AAA worth the money?

But even if you already have roadside assistance, a AAA membership may be worth it if you want to take advantage of membership benefits like discounts, vacation planning, trip-continuation reimbursement if your car breaks down far away from home, and AAA’s approved auto repair network.

Can you cancel AAA automatic renewal?

To cancel Automatic Renewal, please call AAA Member Services at 1-800-922-8228.

How do I renew my AAA membership with a discount?

To make sure you never miss a day of coverage, you can also enroll in Automatic Renewal (which includes a bonus one-time discount of $10 off your annual Membership dues). For more information on how to renew AAA Membership benefits, visit a AAA office near you or call our Membership Service Center at 800-922-8228.

Does AAA have a grace period?

Can I pay my AAA insurance two days late? Yes, AAA will accept your payment two days late.

Do you really need AAA?

Perhaps the most compelling financial reason to get a AAA membership is the peace of mind it offers — especially if it means you feel more comfortable trying to squeeze another year or two out of an old, paid-off car. Every year you’re able to put off buying a new car can save you thousands of dollars.

How do I cancel my AAA Auto Pay?

You may cancel automatic payments or update your credit or debit card account number and/or expiration date at any time by calling (800) 924-6141, going online at AAA.com/myaccount or visiting your local branch. You may cancel your membership at any time by calling (800) 924-6141 or visiting your local branch.

Can I cancel my car insurance if I pay monthly?

Cancelling your insurance when you pay monthly You can also cancel your car insurance if you pay monthly. But you’ll usually end up paying even more in fees. That’s because most pay monthly car insurance policies don’t really work the way they seem to work. It doesn’t mean you pay for one month’s insurance at a time.

How do I stop getting emails from AAA?

If you want to opt out of receiving future marketing or promotional emails, text messages, mailings, or telephone calls, please go to AAA.com/optout or follow the directions in the communications or contact us at 1-800-763-9900.

How do I cancel my AAA membership Southern California?

To cancel your AAA membership, please contact our Member Services at 800-922-8228. Representatives are available to assist you Monday-Friday 7 am to 9 pm PST and Saturday-Sunday 7 am to 7 pm PST.