Quick Answer: How Do I Get From Las Vegas To Palm Springs?

Is there a train from Palm Springs to Las Vegas?

Amtrak is the one and only train line which connects Palm Springs, California to Las Vegas, Nevada..

What airlines fly from Las Vegas to Palm Springs?

United AirlinesCheap Flights from Las Vegas to Palm Springs | United Airlines.

Are there any direct flights from Palm Springs to Las Vegas?

Palm Springs airport has no nonstop flights to Las Vegas.

How far is Palm Springs from LA?

In any case, it’s the most common way to get to Palm Springs from Los Angeles. Covering the 107 miles (172 kilometers) between the two typically takes about an hour, 40 minutes, unless you’re traveling from the beach cities, which can add on another 20 or 30 minutes.

Does Route 66 go through Joshua Tree?

Driving through Joshua Tree National Park is a journey unto itself, but once you leave from the north, you can connect with Route 66 after a short trip on Amboy Road. … Just 13 miles of Route 66 lay in Kansas, but the views along those 13 miles are beautiful.

How long is the drive from Palm Springs to LAX?

Yes, the driving distance between Palm Springs to Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is 122 miles. It takes approximately 2h 5m to drive from Palm Springs to Los Angeles Airport (LAX).

Is there a shuttle from Las Vegas to Palm Springs?

No, there is no direct bus from Las Vegas to Palm Springs. … The distance between Las Vegas and Palm Springs is 182 miles. The road distance is 280.9 miles.

How is the drive from Las Vegas to Palm Springs?

The Palm Springs to Las Vegas distance is approximately 232 miles through California and Nevada via the I-15 N. With ideal traffic and weather conditions, the road trip takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

Is Palm Springs hotter than Las Vegas?

Located in the Coachella Valley and sheltered by a ring of mountains, Palm Springs enjoys hot, sunny days and cool, clear nights. … Las Vegas enjoys a similar desert climate, with sunny skies and seasonal temperatures only a bit cooler than in Palm Springs.

Is Las Vegas hotter than Phoenix?

While Phoenix and Las Vegas both experience similar high temperatures during the peak of summer, Phoenix is five to nine degrees hotter than Vegas on average throughout the rest of the year. Phoenix also has higher overall humidity than Las Vegas at times of the year, making it feel even warmer.

What is there to do on the drive from LA to Palm Springs?

The Hottest Desert Road Trip from L.A. to Palm SpringsRoad trip ready!Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.Explore the 14,000 acres that Mt. San Jacinto State Park has to offer.Sunsets at Joshua Tree.Noah Purifoy’s Outdoor Desert Art Museum in Joshua Tree.Shoppers rejoice! … A relaxing afternoon at SpaTerre’s Watsu Pool.Hacienda’s huevos benedictos in Palm Springs.More items…•

Is there a shuttle from LAX to Palm Springs?

You can book shuttle service for a 2-way trip to Palm Springs and LAX. … Make your next choice of transportation to Palm Springs from LAX with Xpress Shuttles. For all your travel needs, call Xpress Shuttle at 866-805-4234 today!

How far is Disney from Palm Springs?

79 milesHow far is it from Palm Springs to Disneyland? The distance between Palm Springs and Disneyland is 79 miles. The road distance is 90.8 miles.

How far is Joshua Tree from Las Vegas?

157 milesThe distance between Las Vegas and Joshua Tree is 157 miles.

How far away is Joshua Tree from Palm Springs?

Roughly 40 milesRoughly 40 miles northeast of Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park — a wonderland of desert rocks and dense stands of namesake yucca trees — makes for a superb day trip.