Quick Answer: Why Do Police Leave Their Cars Running?

Why do police officers leave their cars on?

This is a separate computer system and stores video and audio during trooper contacts, pursuits and other emergency situations.

With all the computer systems and radio equipment on board the patrol car, batteries are quickly drained if the car is turned off..

How do police leave their cars running?

There is usually a button or a switch that enables the officer to take out the key in the current ignition position, and leave the engine running.

Do cops leave keys in car?

Police officers leave the doors unlocked and the engine running if they get out of the vehicle. However the police officer will take the key with them. The engine continues running without the key, but will stop if the handbrake, clutch or brake pedals are touched without the key.

Why do cops leave their lights on?

This is important. Flashing lights attract attention and make it painfully obvious that an emergency vehicle is present, but with flashing lights alone it can be difficult to judge precisely where that vehicle is. When lights are constantly on, it’s easier to judge where those lights are relative to the surroundings.