What Bank Is Velocity Global Wallet?

What is global wallet velocity?

Global Wallet® is a Visa Prepaid card built into the back of your Velocity membership card.

You can use it anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide – to buy things in stores and online, and to take money out of ATMs.

It’s a contactless card, making shopping quick and easy..

How do I transfer money from global currency card to bank account?

Option B: Transfer funds from your card – sign in to gcc.westpac.com.au, transfer all your foreign currencies into your Australian Dollar wallet at the applicable exchange rate and request the Available Balance to be transferred to your nominated Australian bank account.

Who owns Velocity Global wallet?

Rêv Australia Pty LtdEarn Velocity Points as you spend in 11 foreign currencies wherever Visa is accepted. The Velocity Global Wallet Card is a Visa prepaid travel card (distributed by Rêv Australia Pty Ltd) that allows you to load and spend multiple currencies with locked-in currency exchange rates.

How long do Velocity points last for?

24 monthsThe Velocity Frequent Flyer Team. *Points expire 24 months after the last date you earned or redeemed Points, transferred Points to or from your Singapore Airlines Krisflyer account, or bought Points using Points Booster.

Velocity Points cannot be transferred to Flybuys. All members of our Flybuys household are Velocity Frequent Flyer members. Can we link our Velocity accounts to our Flybuys household membership? You can only have one Velocity Frequent Flyer membership linked to your Flybuys household at any one time.

How do I delete my velocity account?

You can end your membership at any time by giving notice to us by phone or email. If you end your membership, we’ll close your Velocity account and you’ll forfeit all your member benefits.

What does velocity red mean?

entry levelVelocity Status Level and Benefits. There are four levels of Velocity membership that determine the benefits you receive when you travel. When you first join the program, your default membership status is Red (entry level). From there, you can upgrade to Silver, Gold, and then Platinum.

Can I buy Velocity status credits?

There is no direct way to purchase Velocity Status Credits (unlike points, which you can purchase). The main way you earn them is through flights on Virgin Australia and its airline partners. The number of credits you’ll receive varies depending on the length of the flight, and also on the flight class.

Is Velocity Global wallet any good?

Velocity Global Wallet is definitely a competitive card in the prepaid travel market, and one of only two cards that allow for frequent flyer earn per spend on the card.

Are velocity points safe?

Are members’ Velocity points safe? … In their recent statement, Velocity reassured members that their frequent flyer points remain safe: “Your points aren’t going anywhere. They will remain in your account.

Do Virgin Australia Velocity points expire?

Firstly, from 1 June 2016 your Velocity Points will not expire provided you earn or redeem Points at least once every 24 months. Previously, the expiry period was 36 months. Any Points earned from eligible activity prior to 1 June 2016 are not affected by this change and will not expire for 36 months.

How do I unlock my velocity account?

Click on the ‘Reset Password/Unlock User’ hyperlink below the ‘Password’ field in the login page. Select ‘I remember my current password. I will use it to unlock my account’ or ‘I forgot my password. I wish to reset my password’.

What does gold velocity get you?

Flash them your Gold Velocity card and enjoy extras that include everything from lounge access and extra checked baggage. … With Gold Velocity, you’ll get heaps of extra Velocity Points on top of the ones you’d usually earn when you fly on eligible fares with us or many of our travel partners.

How do I cancel my velocity Global wallet?

If you want to close your account, first you’ll need to transfer all balances into your home wallet. After that, please visit the ‘Close Account’ section in the Web Account Centre. If you experience any issue, email us at support@velocityglobalwallet.com.

Can you buy Velocity Gold membership?

To request membership into your preferred program, login to your Velocity Account, go to My Benefits and select your preferred option. This benefit is only available once and is valid for one year.

How do I activate Velocity Global wallet?

You can activate quickly and easily using the Global Wallet® app or the online account centre. We’ve now made it even easier to activate your card, set up your password and card PIN, and it should only take a couple of minutes. Once you’ve activated your card, it’s ready for you to load it.

What can I use my velocity card for?

Redeem Velocity Points Use your Velocity Points for flights, flight upgrades, hotel stays, products, gift vouchers and more. The choice is yours.

How do I get gold velocity status?

Current offer: get trial Velocity Gold membership when transferring 10,000 flybuys points. This targeted promotion is offering a three-month trial membership to Velocity Gold when you transfer 10,000 flybuys points to Velocity (equivalent to 4,350 Velocity Points).