What Is The Difference Between Base And Basis?

What is the meaning of basics?

plural noun.

The basics of something are its simplest, most important elements, ideas, or principles, in contrast to more complicated or detailed ones.

They will concentrate on teaching the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.

[ + of] A strong community cannot be built until the basics are in place..

What is the plural of gateau?

gâteau (plural gâteaux or gâteaus)

What is the plural of vase?

vase (plural vases)

What is base language?

[′bās ′laŋ·gwij] (computer science) The component of an extensible language which provides a complete but minimal set of primitive facilities, such as elementary data types, and simple operations and control constructs.

What is a monthly basis?

Monthly Basis means a calendar month.

What is the meaning of regular basis?

(idiomatic) Regularly; occurring in regular time intervals or patterns. Synonym: on the regular Antonym: on an irregular basis.

What is the difference between basis and basic?

As nouns the difference between basic and basis is that basic is a necessary commodity, a staple requirement while basis is a starting point, base or foundation for an argument or hypothesis.

Is it cover all bases or basis?

to do everything necessary to be sure that something is successful: I think I’ve covered all the bases – I called everyone, ordered the food, and bought some decorations.

What does on the basis mean?

: according to : based on Students were chosen/selected on the basis of their grades and test scores.

What is the plural of base?

The plural of “basis” is “bases”. “Bases” is also the plural of base. … Apparently “baseis” is the Greek plural of the Greek word “basis” not the English version, even though the origin of the word is Greek.

What are the basis?

anything upon which something is based; fundamental principle; groundwork. the principal constituent; fundamental ingredient. a basic fact, amount, standard, etc., used in making computations, reaching conclusions, or the like: The nurse is paid on an hourly basis. He was chosen on the basis of his college grades.

How do you use basis?

Basis sentence examplesSo you’re on a first name basis with him, huh? … It wasn’t as if there was any basis for the feeling. … I remembered a judge had tossed out a search warrant obtained only on the basis of our tip. … In 1840 we have the first safe basis for comparison of strength.More items…

What is another word for basis?

In this page you can discover 54 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for basis, like: foundation, premise, antecedent, justification, grounds, fundamental, support, reason, explanation, raison d’être (French) and background.